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Gas Mask KL-MF35

The MF35 type gas mask is a kind of self-suction filter personal protective equipment, which is mainly used to protect the head, face and respiratory tract from the damage caused by radioactive dust, chemical agent and biological warfare agent, and can be used by military, police and Civil Defense It can also be used by people in different fields such as industry, agriculture, medical team, and scientific research.
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Gas Mask KL-MF35

Usage and characteristic:
The mask has a double-eye window structure, a double pivot parabolic close-fitting frame and a thin mask designed with advanced three-dimensional digital technology.  The new coconut shell fiber non-chromium impregnated carbon, high efficiency and low resistance glass fiber filter paper, chlorobutyl rubber formula with good air tightness and high tear resistance silicone rubber are used to make the cover layer. The new technology of rubber injection molding and the overall processing technology of smoke filter layer are applied. Good comprehensive protection performance, small breathing resistance, light weight, wide field of vision, comfortable to wear, good anti-fog and physiological comfort. It can Be used with breathable protective clothing, anti-toxic gloves, ANTI-TOXIC BOOT sets to achieve full-body protection, but also can be equipped with an electroacoustic communicator.
Technical specification:
1. The protective time against Sarin is not less than 90 min.
2. The protection time of hydrogen chloride is not less than 30min.
3. The protection time of phosgene is not less than 15 min.
4. The filtering efficiency of the canister shall not be less than 99.99 %.
5. The protective time of gas mask body rubber (0.5 thick) to mustard gas "liquid-gas" is not less than 6 hours.
6. Inspiratory resistance: under 30L / Min Constant airflow, the inspiratory resistance is less than 160PA, and the inspiratory resistance is less than 90Pa.
7. The total field of vision not less than 70 %; the binocular field of vision not less than 20 %.
8. Under the environment of -25 °C, the effective curing time is not less than 2 hours.
9. The sound transmission loss is not more than 8DB and can be used in conjunction with the electroacoustic communicator.
10. Gas mask in -25 °C ~ 35 °c temperature between normal use.
11. Face mask S, M, l three numbers.
12. Wear quality not greater than 850g.
13. Storage period of 10 years.
14. When other canisters are used, the canister performs as well as the selected canister.
Use and maintenance:
Mask selection
The user selects the suitable mask according to the measurement result of his own head shape. A method of measuring the length of the profile (the distance from the center of the mandibular margin to the midpoint of the inner corner of the eyes) and the width of the profile (the distance between the left and right zygomatic bones) with a ruler.
To calculate the sum of the wearer's face length and face width, select the mask type as shown in mask type selection.
Morphological surface length + surface width (mm)
<250          Select type S
250~265    Select type M
>265          Select type L
1. During the measurement, the scale on the other ruler is estimated to be read based on the "0" point of the ruler on one side. The scale values on the ruler are 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160 and 180 mm. Each minimum scale represents 5 mm.
2. The mask type selected by this method is for reference only, and the actual wearing model is the standard.
3. Remove the bottom plug and cover of the canister and install the canister on the canister connector seat on the left side of the mask.
4. When wearing the mask, grasp the middle and lower headbands on both sides of the mask with both hands and place the lower jaw of the mask over the person's lower jaw. At the same time, stretch the rubber headband back and up with both hands, and pull the headband from top to bottom Adjust the tension of the headband around the same time;
5. Check that the mask is airtight. Use the palm of your hand to block the air inlet of the canister and take a breath. Mask close to the face, feel no air leakage or no noise is airtight, otherwise, it is not airtight.
6. When removing the mask, the right thumb hooks the headband from the bottom to the top, pulls the headband slightly to the right, the upper body leans forward, simultaneously pushes the headband toward the top of the head, thus removing the mask and extending the right arm forward.
7. Gas mask should be kept clean, with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol or water to scrub mask (lenses cannot be wiped with alcohol), focus on scrub the combination frame, air valve, and other parts.
Points to note:
1. Please read this manual carefully before using it.
2. The gas mask cannot be used as a fire mask. It is not suitable for the situation or working environment where the volume concentration of the poison (including hazardous substances and nuclear fallout areas) is more than 1% and the oxygen concentration is less than 17 %.
3. Gas masks are toxic and harmful to the environment. Personnel without professional training are not allowed to dismantle and reduce the parts and components of gas masks and repair products at will.
4. The dehumidification of the canister will reduce its anti-toxic performance. The Lid of the canister should be tightened and the bottom plug should be fastened to prevent water from entering the canister.
5. Masks should be stored in a cool, dry place and should not be exposed to organic solvents.
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