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Gas Mask KL-MF14

The MF14 gas mask is a protect equipment, with filtered respiration and one eye window for a person. The mask can provide effective protection to the wearer's face、eyes and respiratory tract. It can be used by the army, police, civil defense, industry, agriculture, storage and scientific research.
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Gas Mask KL-MF14


1. Prevent the harm of toxic, biological and radiation dust. It is designed for use in industry, agriculture, medicine and scientific research and civil defense etc.
2. The facepiece treated specially, to wear comfortable and leak-free fit can satisfy the needs of more than 95% adult.
3. The five-string can be adjusted at random, have elasticity and suitable.
4. The lens of the curve window keeps bright and cut off water, has good bright when using facepiece.
5. A large eye window lens is manufactured from polycarbonate. It provides a wide visual field and excellent optical properties and has good abrasion and shock resistance. 6. The megaphone installed it, pass on message articulate and lost little.
7. According to the object of the product, it selects different kings of canisters.
8. MF14 gas mask is produced according to GB2890-95《GAS MASK USING TECHNICAL CANDITION》.
1. Gas life: Depending on the selected canister.
2. Exhalation resistance: not more than 98pa (at 30 l/min)
3. Visual field: Total visual field: not less than 75%.
                        Binocular visual field: not less than 60%.
                        Below the visual field: not less than 40 degrees.
4. Oil mist penetration coefficient: not more than 0.005%.
5. Leak coefficient: not more than 0.005%.
6. Storage life: the mask canister in providing conditions, storage life is 5 years.
Use and safeguard:
1. When wear mask, from the lower jaw to upward then properly adjust string. After wearing the mask, block up canister air entry by palm, then breath exerts yourself, the facepiece tight stick with face, no leak, indicate areas to work.
2. After using, clean all parts of sweat and dirties, especially lens, expiration valve, inspiration valve should be clean. If necessary, mask surface may be washed with clear water, the canister should be clean also.
3. After using in virus environment of infected character, mask surface, and canister can be cleaned and disinfected with 1% peracetic acid disinfection. If necessary facepiece can be soaked in 1% peracetic acid disinfection. But the canister can't be soaked, prevent entering the water from losing efficacy. After the mask disinfecting with disinfected liquid should clean with clear water, dry and stand-by.
1. Read the booklet detailed before using it.
2. Gas mask used in poison and evil environment. The person who didn't pass special training can’t disassembly at will, reduce the part, and repair the product.
3. The product can't be used in the environment over 65℃, and it shouldn’t be stored under high temperature.
4. The canister can decrease its adsorption capacity for toxic gases after it has absorbed the moisture. The closure cap and the plug should usually be attached to the canister to prevent the ingress of moisture.
5. The gas mask should be stored in a cool dry place. The facepiece must not contact the organic solvent.
tactical equipment
gas mask
police equipment
fire-fighting equipment
military equipment
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